Dynamics 365: Top 10 business benefits

Feb 20, 2023 | Dynamics GO


Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Top ten benefits for business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based CRM that connects teams and data. It can integrate with existing systems, which means your customers can use it with the likes of Outlook, Teams and Power BI. Plus, its nifty AI technology can automate repetitive tasks and predict future actions to keep projects flowing. Neat!

As you can already sense, it’s a great platform that allows businesses to centralise their teams as they grow. But let’s get into the detail of its incredible benefits:

1. Improves customer insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 dives deep into customer behaviour so businesses have a clear picture of engagement across multiple sales touchpoints. In addition, AI technology can learn from sales calls and highlight key priorities to ensure teams make the best use of their time.

2. Increases productivity

Thanks to its ability to forecast data accurately, decision making will be quicker than ever. What’s more, it’s able to automate repetitive tasks, such as gathering customer feedback or sending email campaigns, leaving employees to work on key priorities. Now projects will keep moving and overhead costs will come down.

3. Collaboration becomes easy

Dynamics 365 breaks down the barriers between businesses. It fully integrates with messaging tools like Teams and Outlook, so teams can collaborate on projects from one place. Plus, because it runs in the cloud, a team can work from the same dashboards and docs at the same time. Collaboration has never been so easy.

4. Close sales more easily

Sales calls will be quicker and more successful with Dynamics 365. Its clever technology can access caller information and match them up to an agent with knowledge around that product or topic. Plus, your customers can say goodbye to the days of putting callers on hold to check for information, as the clever system will lay out all the relevant details, as well as the caller’s history. Hallelujah! If that wasn’t enough, the system can report back key learnings from a call to constantly improve customer service.

5. Nails the customer experience

From live chats to social interactions, the solution can connect businesses with customers at multiple sales touch points, creating a consistent sales journey that builds trust and keeps their customers coming back.

6. Easy to use and install

As Dynamics 365 is a cloud system, it’s super simple to implement and won’t take long to get the hang of.

7. Keep track of leads

Within all the chaos of sales, it’s easy for a business to lose track of their progress. Dynamics 365 CRM solutions can help track lead-related data, helping teams organise their workload. The system can offer all the insights on a lead, including which agent is working on a task. So, no one will end up working on the same lead.

8. It can grow as your customers grow

The great thing about Dynamics 365 is that businesses don’t have to buy all the tools and features from the off. It’s perfectly fine for businesses to start with the essentials, and bolt on as teams start to grow and business needs change. Amazing!

9. Prepares for the future

With the ability to link sales data into CRM dashboards, Dynamics 365 paints a clear picture of a business’ sales pipeline. With a view of the future, they’ll be able to adapt to predicted barriers, putting them one step ahead of their competition.

10. Secure

Data protection is no longer a concern with Microsoft Azure’s high-level security, which offers twenty-four-hour recovery and technical support to give your customers the help they need.

Explore the customer benefits for yourself

At Dynamiti, we offer Dynamics GO, an enterprise version of Dynamics 365 that includes all the best parts of the CRM at a fraction of the price. We’ve done all the heavy lifting on our side, so your customers can integrate it into their business in a single click. It couldn’t be easier!

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