Why MSPs should be offering CRM to the events industry

May 14, 2024 | Dynamics GO

MSP Manufacturing CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are essential for businesses because they centralise customer data, improve customer relationships, streamline sales and marketing efforts, enhance task management, enable data-driven decision making, support scalability and growth, and facilitate collaboration and communication among team members. CRM systems also help manage customer relationships more effectively, drive revenue growth, and achieve sustainable success in a competitive marketplace.

However, achieving this can be a challenge for SMEs in the events industry because they may come across strains during the day to day running of events. Some of the industry’s biggest gripes include reports which lack information or have complex pre-event task lists, disorganised and unclear sales processes and poor communication both internally and externally.

Our Dynamics GO: Events CRM utilises the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to easily manage your business and make the running of it simple. Some of the improvements that this solution offers include seamlessly organising customer and event data and automating previously long and tedious repetitive tasks. It also allows you to streamline and simplify sales processes and helps boost communication with customers and partners.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of Dynamics GO and how it can make CRM easier for your clients in the events industry.

Easily plan, organise and manage events

Planning and managing events can be a handful, so having a platform that streamlines this process can save a lot of time and effort. Dynamics GO: Events enables events SMEs to easily plan, organise and manage all the necessary tasks needed to run events of all descriptions.

Sell event tickets

Dynamics GO: Events’ capabilities includes creating invoices, event bookings, lead creation and processing refunds, making struggles with ticket sales a thing of the past.

Tender for customer owned events

You can organise customer consultations to better understand customer needs and send quotes for customers to consider. This means you can build strong relationships, offer personalised solutions, identify any issues early on and proactively address them.

Analyse and report business performance

With its advanced CRM capabilities, Dynamics GO: Events displays and analyses your business’s data in a way that’s simple and easy to manage, allowing you to identify new ways to improve your processes. With improved processes, business can provide a smoother and more personalised experience for their customers.

Track stages of the sales pipeline

You can monitor critical actions inside the stages of your sales pipeline to see which areas of your services, sales processes and staff are performing well and which need improvement. This will allow you to forecast future revenue accurately, optimise your resource allocation and identify and trends and patterns.

Communicate with customers and partners

Custom email templates, signatures and Outlook integration within Dynamics GO: Events allows you to ensure the service expectations of customers and partners are met.

Better customer engagement

Dynamics GO: Events keeps critical data saved and tracked to better cater to the needs of your customers, with event task lists, custom fields, SharePoint integration and more. This will ensure you remain compliant and protect your data against unauthorised access, loss or theft.

Generate new leads

You can easily enter new customers into the sales pipeline, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Next steps

By adding Dynamics GO as an extra asset to your business without having to upskill your team, you’ll be improving your current operations while futureproofing for tomorrow. Get in touch to get started now!