Put off by lack of skills to deploy CRM for your clients?

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• Deploy Dynamics CRM instantly
• It’s quick, easy and cost-effective
• Increase your revenue
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How does Dynamics GO work?

Dynamics GO is a SaaS click-to-run solution which evolved from the staff of a pioneering MSP. We’ve taken the repetitive pain and knowledge needed out of the equation. Get all the best parts of Dynamics CRM instantly, at the click of a button, in less than a day.

Here’s what you’ll get…

A simplified standard Enterprise version of Dynamics

Delivered partner
to partner

It’s all automated so it’s super simple to deploy

You don’t need any
CRM expertise

Sales CRM solutions for SMBs

Dynamics GO makes a whole load of issues for businesses a thing of the past. We know that SMBs have loads of challenges when it comes to managing their sales pipeline and often, they lack the ideal CRM that they need.

We’ve developed specific CRM solutions to meet the different needs of SMBs. Dynamics GO solutions have been designed following a rigorous UX design process. Our purpose? To create CRMs that solve user problems and provide a meaningful and relevant experience.

We all know that sales are crucial to businesses. Yet, many SMBs struggle every day to track their sales pipelines. You can give them the answer they need.


Businesses that are in events have some specific issues when it comes to tracking sales. Complex pre-event task lists are just one of them! See how you can offer the solution.

After carrying out comprehensive research, we’ve identified the main pain points that manufacturing businesses often battle with, and how they can be solved.


We have identified the main issues that SMBs involved in the training industry are facing. Here’s how Dynamics offers the solution.


Are you missing out on CRM revenue?

CRM is the biggest software market in the world! It’s expected to reach over $80 billion in revenues by 2025! See how you can benefit from our Microsoft Dynamics solutions!

Great for MSPs:

quick + easy + simple + cost-effective
more revenue and added
value for customers

Great for SMBs:

quick + easy + simple + cost-effective
streamlined customer
processes and sales

Increase your revenue and value for customers from today.

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When less is more…

• Reduce your installation time
• Reduce your cost of entry
• Get a simplified CRM which SMBs want
• All the best bits, CRM in a box, instantly

Let automation do all the heavy lifting so you can reap the benefits!

Get ahead of your competitors without having to upskill your team. Contact us to see how you can start offering Dynamics Go to your clients.


The CRM features SMBs need

An automated and simplified version of Microsoft Dynamics 365, it’s a fixed product including:






Why choose Dynamics GO?

Why choose Dynamics GO?

Here are the efficiencies of Dynamics GO and its core features so that you can get ahead of the game!

What is Microsoft Copilot?

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Find out what Microsoft Copilot is, its features, and the innovation it’s expected to bring to sales, marketing, and customer service.

Change today.
Future-proof tomorrow.

Add Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an extra asset to your business without having to upskill your team.

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